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HEC coating thickener construction grade hydroxyethyl cellulose ether

HEC coating thickener construction grade hydroxyethyl cellulose ether

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Construction grade hydroxyethyl cellulose ether (HEC for short) is a commonly used paint thickener. It is a compound obtained by chemical modification of cellulose. HEC can form a uniform and stable gel in water-based coatings, increasing the viscosity and adhesion properties of the coating.

The main functions of HEC thickeners in coatings include:
Increase viscosity: HEC can effectively increase the viscosity of water-based coatings, making it easier for the coating to adhere to the target surface during construction and reduce dripping and running.
Improve the rheology: HEC can adjust the rheological properties of the paint, so that the paint shows appropriate viscosity changes under the action of external forces, which facilitates construction operations.
Improve suspension stability: HEC can stabilize the pigments and fillers suspended in the paint, prevent them from settling and stratifying, and improve the uniformity and hiding properties of the paint.
Control coating thickness: By adjusting the amount of HEC added, the coating thickness of the coating can be controlled to achieve uniformity and consistency of the coating.
Provide drip resistance: HEC can improve the drip resistance of paint, reduce paint dripping on vertical surfaces, and reduce paint splatter and waste.

HEC coating thickener, construction grade hydroxyethyl cellulose ether

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