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The role of redistributable latex powder in various mortars.

The role of redistributable latex powder in various mortars.

2023-07-06 16:15:17

Redistributable latex powder can be quickly dispersed into an emulsion after contact with water, and has the same properties as the initial emulsion, that is, a film can be formed after the water evaporates. This film has high flexibility, high weather resistance and high adhesion to various substrates.In addition, the hydrophobic latex powder can make the mortar very waterproof.

The main application of redistributable latex powder

Internal and external wall putty powder, ceramic tile binder, ceramic tile seam agent, dry powder interface agent, exterior wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, decorative mortar, waterproof mortar, external insulation dry-mixed mortar.In mortar, it is to improve the weaknesses of traditional cement mortar such as brittleness and high elastic modulus, and to give cement mortar better flexibility and tensile bond strength to resist and delay the generation of cracks in cement mortar. Since the polymer and the mortar form an inter-penetrating network structure, a continuous polymer film is formed in the pores, which strengthens the bond between the aggregates and clogs some of the pores in the mortar, so the performance of the hardened modified mortar is greatly improved than that of cement mortar.

The role of redistributable latex powder in mortar is mainly in the following aspects

1.Improve the compressive strength and flexural strength of the mortar.

2.The addition of latex powder improves the elongation of the mortar, thereby improving the impact toughness of the mortar, and at the same time, it also gives the mortar a good stress dispersion effect.

3.The bonding performance of the mortar is improved.The bonding mechanism depends on the adsorption and diffusion of macromolecules on the sticky surface. At the same time, the rubber powder has a certain permeability, and together with the cellulose ether, it fully infiltrates the surface of the base material, so that the base material is close to the surface properties of the new plastering, thereby improving the adsorption and greatly increasing its performance.

4.Reduce the elastic modulus of the mortar, improve the deformation capacity, and reduce cracking.

5.Improve the wear resistance of the mortar.The improvement of wear resistance is mainly due to the presence of a certain amount of rubber powder on the surface of the mortar. The rubber powder plays a bonding role, and the omentum structure formed by the rubber powder can pass through the holes and cracks in the cement mortar.The adhesion of the base material to the cement hydration product is improved, thereby improving the wear resistance.

6.Gives the mortar excellent alkali resistance.

7.Improve the cohesion of putty, excellent resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, and enhance the flexural strength.

8.Improve the water resistance and permeability of putty.

9.Improve the water retention of putty, increase opening time, and improve ease of use.

10.Improve the impact resistance of putty and enhance the durability of putty.

Redistributable latex powder is made of a polymer emulsion by spray drying. After mixing with the water in the mortar, it is emulsified and dispersed in case of water to re-form a stable polymeric emulsion. After the redistributable latex powder is emulsified and dispersed in water, the water evaporates and a polymer film is formed in the mortar to improve the properties of the mortar. Different redistributable latex powders have some different effects on dry mortar.

Product performance of redistributable latex powder

Improve the bending strength and flexural strength of mortar

The polymer film formed by Wilton's redistributable latex powder has good flexibility.A film is formed in the gap and surface of the cement mortar particles to form a flexible connection.The weight makes the brittle and hard cement mortar elastic.Mortars with redistributable latex powder added are several times more tensile and flexural than ordinary mortars.

── Improve the bonding strength and cohesion of the mortar

After the redistributable latex powder, which is an organic binder, is formed into a film, it can form high tensile strength and bonding strength on different substrates.It plays a very important role in the adhesion of mortar to organic materials (EPS, extruded foam board) and smooth surface substrates.The film-forming polymer rubber powder is distributed throughout the mortar system as a reinforcing material to increase the cohesion of the mortar.

──Improve the impact resistance, durability and wear resistance of mortar

Rubber powder particles fill the pores of the mortar, the compactness of the mortar increases, and the wear resistance is improved.Under the action of external forces, it will relax without being destroyed.The polymer film can be permanently stored in the mortar system.

──Improve the weather resistance and freeze-thaw resistance of the mortar to prevent the mortar from cracking

Redistributable latex powder is a thermoplastic resin with good flexibility, which can enable the mortar to cope with changes in the external hot and cold environment, and effectively prevent the mortar from cracking due to changes in temperature difference.

── Improve the hydrophobicity of the mortar and reduce the water absorption rate

The redistributable latex powder forms a film in the hole cavity and surface of the mortar, and the polymer film will not disperse twice after encountering water, preventing the invasion of moisture and improving the impermeability.A special redistributable latex powder with a hydrophobic effect has a better hydrophobic effect.

── Improve mortar construction and ease of use

The polymer rubber powder has a lubricating effect between the particles, which enables the mortar components to flow separately. At the same time, the rubber powder has an inducing effect on the air, giving the mortar compressibility and improving the construction and ease of the mortar.

Product application of redistributable latex powder

1.Exterior wall insulation system

Bonding mortar: Ensure that the mortar firmly bonds the wall to the EPS board.Improve the bond strength.

Plastering mortar: to ensure the mechanical strength, cracking resistance and durability of the insulation system, and impact resistance.

2.Tile binder and caulking agent

Tile binder: It provides high-strength bonding for the mortar, and gives the mortar sufficient flexibility to strain the different thermal expansion coefficients of the substrate and the ceramic tile.

Caulking agent: Make the mortar impermeable and prevent water intrusion.At the same time, it has good adhesion to the edge of the ceramic tile, low shrinkage and flexibility.

3.Ceramic tile renovation and wood board wiping putty

Improve the adhesion and bonding strength of putty on special substrates (such as smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles, mosaics, plywood, etc.), and ensure that the putty has good flexibility to increase the expansion coefficient of the substrate.

4.Putty for interior and exterior walls

Improve the bonding strength of the putty and ensure that the putty has a certain degree of flexibility to buffer the effects of different base layers that produce different telescopic stresses.Ensure that the putty has good aging resistance, impermeability, and moisture resistance.

5.Self-leveling floor mortar

Ensure the matching of the elastic modulus of the mortar, bending resistance and cracking resistance.Improve the wear resistance, bonding strength and cohesion of the mortar.

6.Interface mortar

Improve the surface strength of the substrate and ensure the adhesion of the mortar.

7.Cement-based waterproof mortar

Ensure the waterproof performance of the mortar coating, and at the same time have good adhesion to the base surface, and improve the compressive and flexural strength of the mortar.

8.Repair mortar

Ensure that the expansion coefficient of the mortar matches the substrate, and reduce the elastic modulus of the mortar.Ensure that the mortar has sufficient hydrophobicity, breathability and adhesion.

9.Masonry plastering mortar

Improve water retention.
Reduce water loss to porous substrates.
Improve the ease of construction operation and improve work efficiency.