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VAE powder adhesive-VAE for tile adhesive

VAE powder adhesive-VAE for tile adhesive

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Product Introduction: VAE Powder
VAE is vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer, which appears as white powder and can be dissolved in water to form a stable emulsion. Powdered VAE is easy to transport and store. VAE products can be used as adhesives in the production of ceramic tile adhesive to enhance the adhesion of the product.

In the production of ceramic tile adhesive, adding VAE adhesive can ensure the effectiveness of the product.

Recommended applications of VAE powder adhesive: ceramic tile adhesive, cement plaster, mortar, etc.

VAE adhesive is a general-purpose copolymer powder that can be used as an adhesive component in the field of building materials and adhesives. Conventional VAE usage formula: 5% to 20%. It is recommended to communicate with the supplier in advance about the usage plan when wholesale VAE powder.

We recommend that you choose us as a VAE product supplier. We can provide VAE products directly from manufacturers, reducing your procurement costs while ensuring the quality of your products. The minimum order quantity for the wholesale of our VAE products is 1 ton. The packaging of wholesale VAE can be customized, and VAE samples can be provided to provide you with usage plans.