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china construction grade hpmc factory with cheap price

china construction grade hpmc factory with cheap price

2021-04-26 08:49:17

Q:What is the odor of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC)?

A: The HPMC produced by the solvent method uses toluene and isopropanol as the solvent. If it is not washed well, it will have some residual smell.

Q:What is the alias of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose?

A:  Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose short for :HPMC or MHPC  Hypromellose,Cellulose, 2-hydroxypropyl methyl Cellulose ether. Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether Hyprolose。

Q: The relationship between the viscosity of HPMC and temperature, What should be paid attention to in actual application?

The viscosity of HPMC is inversely proportional to temperature, that is, the viscosity increases as the temperature decreases. We usually say that the viscosity of a product refers to the result of testing its 2% aqueous solution at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

In practical applications, in areas with a large temperature difference between summer and winter, it should be noted that it is recommended to use a relatively low viscosity in winter, which is more conducive to construction. Otherwise, when the temperature is low, the viscosity of the cellulose will increase, and the hand will feel heavy when scraped.