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hpmc rdp building materials additives

hpmc rdp building materials additives

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HPMC RDP (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) modified powder is often used as a thickener and binder in cement mortar to improve the fluidity, adhesion and crack resistance of the mortar. It can also improve the powdering resistance and water resistance of mortar, increase the penetration resistance and durability, and is a high-quality building material additive.

HPMC RDP is chemically modified from natural cellulose and has good solubility in water. Not only does it have good thickening properties, it also forms a breathable film that helps maintain the moisture content of the mortar and prevent surface cracking. Furthermore, HPMC RDP has no significant effect on the hardening and strength development of cement mortar.

Using HPMC RDP can adjust the viscosity and fluidity of cement mortar, improving construction performance and the quality of the final product. It is widely used in the construction industry in areas such as wall coatings, tile adhesives, gypsum mortars, putties and exterior wall insulation systems.