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why there must be hpmc in tile adhesive

why there must be hpmc in tile adhesive

2021-05-24 09:03:56

  Tile adhesive is a powdery powder made of high-quality cement, quartz sand as aggregates, and a variety of organic polymer additives and auxiliaries. It is a new environmentally friendly tile adhesive material that can be used directly by adding water and stirring. The product is optimized on the basis of the general formula, and emphasizes the strong bonding performance, which highlights the characteristics of robustness and durability.

  if we mix hpmc into tile adhesive, you can get the following advantage

  1. Greatly improve the water retention capacity, inhibit the high water absorption tiles and substrates from losing a lot of water, so that the cement has enough water to harden state, improve the bond strength, and further improve the mortar's slip resistance;

  2. Good open time and adjustable time, easy for workers to adjust the error of placing the wrong ceramic;

  3. Makes dry-mix ingredients easy to mix without creating clumps, which saves working time. It also makes construction faster and more efficient, improves workability, and reduces costs.

  4. Mortar has better plasticity and flexibility, making construction easier and work more efficient;