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How to make brick by soil stabilization

How to make brick by soil stabilization

2021-01-11 10:10:03

Whats the advantage of making bricks by soil stabilization 

1, Use waste, save soil and save energy. The source of raw materials is extremely wide.
2, Protect the ecological environment.
3, High strength, not afraid of water weathering, corrosion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance.

how to use soil stabilization to make a bricks 

Step 1: the calculation of water consumption and dilution of soil stabilizer.

Step 2: Spray soil stabilizer, curing

Step 3: Add cement to mix.

Step 4: Preparation to press the bricks.

Step 5: Press the bricks. and Maintenance.

1.    Different grades of cement can be used for the experiment to achieve different strength requirements.
2.    Cement can also do several different contents, such as 4% 6%, 8%, 10% for comparative tests.