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Mistakes of using tile adhesive(2)

Mistakes of using tile adhesive(2)

Leslie Zhang Original 2021-03-24 11:23:19

Misuse 4: The area of ​​one-time squeegee is too large
In dry weather, the scraping area of ​​the cloth glue batch is too large, and the construction is too late to cause the surface to dry and reattach the bricks, which will cause the bricks to fall; use a toothed scraper to evenly scrape the glue on the work surface, and the cloth glue should be controlled at 1 square meter each time Inside, in the hot and dry weather in summer, the wall should be moistened in advance.

Misuse 5: Paste tiles directly without leveling
The biggest advantage of tile adhesive is the thin layer construction, which will not empty or fall off after long-term use. The glue thickness is about 3-6mm for tiles <300-600 size, and the glue is about 5-8mm for tiles>300-600 size; if the base surface error is large, when the tile glue is used directly, the construction thickness will increase and the cost will be huge increase. Tiles are prone to insufficient filling and slurry, resulting in shrinking and hollowing. The glue layer on the wall and the back of the tile is applied too thickly, and the tile will crack due to shrinkage during solidification. Be sure to control the glue thickness in accordance with the standard during construction.

Misuse 6: Fill joints with tile glue
Tile glue and caulk are all building materials, but tile glue can only be used to paste the back of tiles. If tile glue is used to fill the joints, the shrinkage joints of the floor tiles will be blocked, causing the floor tiles to arch up due to heat, which is easy to hollow and fall off. Therefore, special grout or beautifying agent should be used for caulking.