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whats the application of low viscossity hpmc

whats the application of low viscossity hpmc

2021-04-07 08:54:55

1. HPMC in Coating industry: This product has excellent storage stability, maintains uniform viscosity, makes pigments evenly dispersed, and is basically not affected by PH value.
2. HPMC in Synthetic resin, HPMC, as a water-soluble polymer, has excellent surface activity and plays a role of colloid protection
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is used as a binder for molding fine ceramic products. HPMC's higher concentration aqueous solution can be adsorbed on ceramic particles
On the surface, the friction between the particles is reduced and their lubricity is enhanced, so that the molded products have

Required surface finish and dimensional stability.
(2) Due to the low ash content of HPMC, sintered ceramic products with excellent electrical properties can be obtained.
(3) Adding this product to the new honeycomb ceramic can give the green crystal lubricity, water retention and increase strength, reduce the coefficient of friction, and improve the lubrication of extruded ceramic products

4. Special mortar: HPMC powder is added to the self-leveling mortar. After pouring, the water retention of the ground surface will be controlled, and the water will not be obvious, making the ground surface dry.
High strength, low shrinkage, greatly reducing cracking. The addition of HPMC also provides viscosity and can be used as an anti-settling aid to enhance fluidityAnd pumping Performance, improve the efficiency of paving the floor

4. Adhesives and adhesives for herbicides and insecticides

5. hpmc powder Used as glue and thickener in leather auxiliary
6. hpmc polymer Used as an adhesive for colored pens and pencil cores

7. As a thickener for printing ink
8. As a stabilizer for concentrated methyl silicone liquid
9. Used in textile coatings