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Antifreeze type dust control spray productAntifreeze type dust control spray productAntifreeze type dust control spray productAntifreeze type dust control spray product

Antifreeze type dust control spray product

  • Appearance : White power or white liquid
  • PH(1%,20℃): 6-8
  • Solubility:easy solubility
  • Dilution ratio: 1:2or 1:4
  • Minimum temperature tolerance:-40

chemical dust control products is new Eco-friendly products, Our chemical dust abatement is composed of a new multifunctional polymer . The degree of cross-linking between polymer molecules will form a network structure. At the same time, there are various ionic groups between the molecules, which can produce strong affinity, have good waterproof and film-forming properties, and can effectively fix dust and on the surface of materials. Form a crust-type protective film. Its mechanism of action is to capture, absorb, and agglomerate dust particles and lock them in the net structure to prevent dust, erosion and erosion

This construction dust control product can be widely used in coal and mineral mining, transportation, loading and unloading, stacking; open-air stockyards; buildings
Demolition, civil construction and surrounding roads, dust workshops, artificial beaches and desertification areas, local sandstorms, sand fixation and other areas and places that are prone to dust.


1. It can remove dust particles over 2.5 microns.
2. Non-corrosive, non-polluting, biodegradable, and will not cause secondary pollution.
3. Good antifreeze effect, high curing strength, long effective duration and convenient spraying.
4. Resistance to wind erosion and rain erosion (the surface hard shell is washed by rain, and after the water has evaporated, it can be solidified into a shell).
5. It can effectively reduce and reduce material loss.



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