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Dust SuppressorDust SuppressorDust SuppressorDust Suppressor

Dust Suppressor

  • Appearance : White power
  • Viscosity Mpa.s : 180,000-210,000
  • PH : 6-8
  • Moisture % : ≤5.0
  • Organic matter % : ≥10
  • Acrylamide % : ≥8
  • Methyl cellulose % : ≥80
  • Ash % : ≤5.0
  • Transmittance of light : >90
  • Water-retention rate : >80
  • Particle size mesh : 80

Traditional solution to alleviate the dust issues is sprinkling water, but however, water evaporates quite fast, even faster in summer. More frequent water sprinkling will increase the equipment investment and labor cost, and it causes a large amount of water consumption. 
Dust pollution is one of the worldwide Environmental issues, Road dust control,  especially unhardened open-air mine area and plant road.
China dust Suppressor (factory) developed by our company is a water-soluble composite dust suppressant, which is compounded by a variety of organic compounds. Our dust control product is easily soluble in water and has the functions such as wet ability, bonding, agglomeration and moisturizing and so on. Its related components are non-corrosive to various metal materials, harmless to animals and plants, and no secondary pollution.

The action mechanism of dust suppressor is mainly for weight gain and adhesion, and the weight gain is mainly through moisture absorption, moisture retention and anti-evaporation, bonding and change the wetting effect of the surface of particles to achieve. It also has some adhesion effect on PM10, PM2.5, NOx and total carbon, which makes them not easy to be active in the atmosphere again. China road dust control spray (manufacturers) can be gradually degraded in nature.
1. Moisture retention : compared with ordinary water dust suppression, the time to keep the ground moist is several times longer, and correspondingly, the performance to keep the ground moist and inhibit the generation of dust is also improved several times.
2. Absorption : dust suppressor film has a certain bond adsorption, when the dust falls on its surface, the dust can be bonded and adsorption and stop lifting.
3. Film-forming property : when the water evaporates, in the dry state, the dust suppressor micro-film will cover and cover the dust on the ground, so that it is not affected by the wind and traffic flow disturbance to produce secondary dust.
4. Water Absorption : In the dry state can be intermittently replenished with a low concentration of dust suppressor diluent, can absorb water, its moisturizing and adsorption properties can be reactivated.
5. Non-toxic and harmless : the HP value of dust suppressor is slightly neutral, it will not acidify and compact the soil, the product is biodegradable and harmless to humans, animals and plants.
Sandy soil roads, highways, tunnels, lime production sites, construction sites, concrete mixing stations, coal transportation, grain processing plants and other places that generate dust.



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