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We are specialized in cellulose ether production such as Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), Sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), Redispersible polymer powder (RDP) and Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) etc, more than 10 years' experiences in this field, with ISO, SGS, AHF, FDA certification and extreme standard let us keep very competitive in the current market. Contact Now
Daily Grade HPMCDaily Grade HPMCDaily Grade HPMCDaily Grade HPMC

Daily Grade HPMC

  • Item : Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
  • Appearance : White powder
  • Methoxy (%) : 25-30
  • Hydroxypropoxy (%) : 9-12
  • Partical Size (μm) : ≤125
  • Drying Loss Ratio (%) : ≤5.0
  • Viscosity (mPa•s) : 180,000-220,000
  • pH Value : 5-9
  • Water Retention Ratio (%) : ≥90

Product description

The viscosity of daily chemical grade hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC recommended is 200,000. It is HPMC for customized transparent detergent. The light transmittance is over 90. There are few short fibers in dissolved water. After ordinary HPMC is completely dissolved, there will be many short fibers floating in the water. 

Adding China cellulosic thickeners (manufacturer) can make liquid detergent thicken and stabilize the composition effectively; adding HPMC to washing powder and liquid detergent can prevent the dirt that has been washed down from settling on the fabric again; adding 0.5-2% to synthetic detergent can get satisfactory effect; adding HPMC to toothpaste can make the ingredients mix evenly; the paste body is delicate and smooth, not dehydrated. HPMC has good foam stabilizing effect in the liquid washing system, improving the consistency of the system, and has synergistic effect with cationic conditioning agent to improve the performance of wet comb effectively. It can be used as stabilizer and skin feel modifier in skin care products. It can be used as gelling agent in gel products with high transparency and comfortable hand feeling.


1. Low irritation, high tenderness.
2. Wide pH stability, which can guarantee its stability in the range of pH 3-11; 
3. To enhance the conditioning.
4. Increase foam, stable foam, improve skin feel.
5. Effectively improve the liquidity of the system.
China cellulose ether (factory) is widely used in sterilized alcohol gel, liquid hand soap, shower cream, shampoo, washing cosmetic etc.


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