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Food additive Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC

Food additive Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC

Original 2021-05-12 13:39:59

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose ( CMC) is an anionic cellulose ether product made from natural coniferous wood pulp fiber as the main raw material, through alkalization, etherification, purification, drying, crushing sense granulation process.

CMC is white powder or granule, its water-soluble colloid has the functions of thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying, suspending, dispersing and improving taste. It is widely used in liquid drinks, solid instant drinks, acidic milk drinks, vegetable protein drinks, fruit juices, bread, ice cream, frozen pasta and condiments.
It plays the role of thickening, stabilizing, water retention, improving taste, emulsifying and enhancing physical properties in the production of foodstuffs, etc.

Welcel offers different grades CMC for your choice.